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The Rivet Coin is part of the Toxik3 loyalty program, allowing you to accumulate "Rivet Coin" awards and thus manage to earn 10 euros reduction on your purchase basket from 1,000 Rivet Coin!

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Love story

A family story

Birth of a brand

For two generations Toxik3 has been the family saga of a denim brand and female prints which appeals to an increasing number of loyal customers.

Passionate love

In the 90s,A couple passionate about clothing making create models of denim for women where everything is handmade from creation to the manufacture. They innovate by developing very soft and comfortable materials to the port. They open a first Sewing workshop in Paris. The quality of the handmade, finishing details and the extreme comfort brought to the parts allow them to distinguish themselves quickly compared to the other brands on the market. The two founders then extend their distribution everywhere in Europe with resellers.


From creation to manufacturing

100% controlled production

Demand is growing quickly in Europe, the 3 children acquire a new production tool allowing more technical innovations. They are responsible for recruiting, training and transmitting their know-how on denim and prints To a team that will reach several hundred employees.

Our speciality

Soft Prints

For theSoft-printsCreated in the early 2000s, panther, camouflage, vine or marbled patterns blend perfectly in the matter thanks to a unique know-how including more numerous production stages than Denim.



Wearing a Toxik3 is accepting this duality that is in us. With aassertive individualityadventurousA bit feminist. The toxik3 woman has an inner strength that is expressed loud and clear. A desire not to follow a traced path, ingoing against preconceived ideas. She is also this touching, endearing woman and those who meet her can no longer do without it.

Magnetic and secret,The woman Toxik3 is those that are followed by looking in the street.

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