Our history

A family history

Birth of a brand

For two generations Toxik3 has been the family saga of a denim and feminine prints brand that has won over a growing number of loyal customers.

Passionate love

In the 90s, a couple passionate about making clothes create denim models for women where everything is handmade from design to manufacture. They innovate by developing very soft and comfortable materials to wear. They open a first sewing workshop in Paris. The quality of the handmade, the finishing details and the extreme comfort brought to the pieces allow them to quickly distinguish themselves from other brands on the market. The two founders then extended their distribution throughout Europe to resellers.


In the 2000s,
the case is transmitted to 3 children who decide to develop new materials and finishes to expand the ranges and offer a wider choice of models. They pursue their parents' project by constantly developing "Innovative recipes" combination of materials, allowing denim to be softer and more comfortable. They develop jeans that are both very trendy and unmatched in comfort.


In 2006, the 3 children decide to give a factory name to their project. they want a name that is easy to remember and that shakes up conventions a little, capable of making an impression.

It will be Toxik3.


100% controlled production

from creation to manufacturing

Demand is growing rapidly in Europe, the 3 children acquire a new production tool allowing further technical innovations. They are responsible for recruiting, training and transmitting their know-how on denim and prints to a team that will reach several hundred employees.

Our speciality

Soft Prints

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The Artistic Director draws inspiration from nature, her recent readings and all kinds of universes to challenge the production team and develop new, unique Soft-Prints.



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