Bohemian Rhapsody

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Toxik3 celebrates spring with a captivating collection where audacity and rebellion go to elegance. The refined silhouettes and rock express an unshakable confidence, while emphasizing the natural beauty of the woman. Comfort and diversity is at the heart of the brand, offering clothes for all women, each inviting to express their singularity with pride. Toxik3's spring collection is an invitation to embrace its inner power, dare to be different and dazzle the world of its light.

Our inspirations

shared emotions

Spring and summer appear in Toxik3. Our Bohemian Rhapsody collection embodies the renewal and freshness of this new period. We present a chic and rock universe, full of elegance and harmony, to accompany your sunny days.

Chic & Rock

The collection develops a more graphic appearance than before. It is anchored in a more rock and more assertive aesthetic, with more singular and characterized pieces, thus giving way to extravagance.


Harmony is at the heart of the project. Toxik3 is forced to protect the bonds that unite women. It is an important symbolism for the house to unite women and to value them.


Whatever the piece worn at Toxik3, elegance will always be in the foreground. Each of the cuts is carefully worked to enhance any silhouette.

"In Every Women there is a queen"