Toxik3 flared jeans to feel free in its movements and stick to the Wide Leg trend.


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Flared jeans button pocket - brunaFlared jeans button pocket - bruna
Flared jeans button pocket - bruna
Sale price49,90€
Facked jeans precious buttons - AnnaFacked jeans precious buttons - Anna
Facked jeans precious buttons - Anna
Sale price49,90€
Jean Flare Detail Bouton - IsabelleJean Flare Detail Bouton - Isabelle
Jean Flare Detail Bouton - Isabelle
Sale price59,90€
Jeans wide detail front pocket - PruneJeans wide detail front pocket - Prune
Jean Flare Size High Sweat - TaniaJean Flare Size High Sweat - Tania
Jean Flare Size High Sweat - Tania
Sale price49,90€
Jean crop flare pock plat- MarionJean crop flare pock plat- Marion
Jean crop flare pock plat- Marion
Sale price49,90€
Flare high -waisted jeans faded - LukeFlare high -waisted jeans faded - Luke
Flare high -waisted jeans faded - Luke
Sale price49,90€
Bootcut high -waist - MagBootcut high -waist - Mag
Bootcut high -waist - Mag
Sale price49,90€
Jean Path d'Eph Fendé - EuphoriaJean Path d'Eph Fendé - Euphoria
Jean Path d'Eph Fendé - Euphoria
Sale price49,90€
High flared high waist jeans - NatHigh flared high waist jeans - Nat
High flared high waist jeans - Nat
Sale price49,90€
Facked white crop jeans - BakaFacked white crop jeans - Baka
Facked white crop jeans - Baka
Sale price49,90€
Jean right zip before - sityJean right zip before - sity
Jean right zip before - sity
Sale price49,90€
Jean Wide Large Pockets - AudeJean Wide Large Pockets - Aude
Jean Wide Large Pockets - Aude
Sale price49,90€
Jean Flare - CélesteJean Flare - Céleste
Jean Flare - Céleste
Sale price49,90€
Flared jeans - teddyFlared jeans - teddy
Flared jeans - teddy
Sale price49,90€
Facked lunte jeans - TrueFacked lunte jeans - True
Facked lunte jeans - True
Sale price49,90€
Jeans front square pockets - CareJeans front square pockets - Care
Jeans front square pockets - Care
Sale price49,90€
Jean Wide High Size - BonnieJean Wide High Size - Bonnie
Jean Wide High Size - Bonnie
Sale price49,90€
Jean Bootcut - MoodyJean Bootcut - Moody
Jean Bootcut - Moody
Sale price49,90€
High waist straight jeans - blareHigh waist straight jeans - blare
High waist straight jeans - blare
Sale price49,90€
Jean Large Croped - BakeJean Large Croped - Bake
Jean Large Croped - Bake
Sale price49,90€
Jean with braided belt - LanaJean with braided belt - Lana
Jean with braided belt - Lana
Sale price54,90€
Swedish pants - SomaSwedish pants - Soma
Swedish pants - Soma
Sale price49,90€
High waist blue flare jeans - BetsyHigh waist blue flare jeans - Betsy
High waist blue flare jeans - Betsy
Sale price49,90€
Dark Law Jean - AngieDark Law Jean - Angie
Dark Law Jean - Angie
Sale price49,90€
High flared waist - lupaHigh flared waist - lupa
High flared waist - lupa
Sale price49,90€
Jean Bi -Ton - SixtineJean Bi -Ton - Sixtine
Jean Bi -Ton - Sixtine
Sale price54,90€
Flare coated pants - ZelaFlare coated pants - Zela
Flare coated pants - Zela
Sale price44,90€
Toxik3 x Tocada - flared jeansToxik3 x Tocada - flared jeans
Toxik3 x Tocada - flared jeans
Sale price49,90€
Short flared jeans - KamilaShort flared jeans - Kamila
Short flared jeans - Kamila
Sale price49,90€
Vintage flared jeans - JoeVintage flared jeans - Joe
Vintage flared jeans - Joe
Sale price49,90€
Jean Large Cropped - DixieJean Large Cropped - Dixie
Jean Large Cropped - Dixie
Sale price49,90€
Jean Salopette - MiaJean Salopette - Mia
Jean Salopette - Mia
Sale price49,90€

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