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The different models and fashion advice according to Toxik3

Jean is a timeless dress. Who does not have it in his dressing room? Concerned about details, Toxik3, a brand of denim and female prints offers comfortable jeans. Jean did in the spotlight to adapt to all morphologies and all styles. From a very soft material, the quality of the handmade provides a remarkable finish to our jeans. From Slim to the right jeans through various wide models, Discover them !

Jeans slim, a basic cup to magnify the silhouette

There are a multitude of Denim styles whose Slim is one of the most popular cuts today. It must be said that this model of jeans is very appreciated. All women have them, regardless of their morphology. In addition, even in jeans, the Slim is available in several colors and patterns. It is possible to find one according to everyone's tastes. What are the outfits and accessories to wear with a Slim Jean?

skinny jeans

● Particularity of this slim cut

Sometimes we often wonder the difference between a Slim Jean and a skinny. To differentiate them a little, you should know that a skinny is more tight than a Slim. For the latter, its cut is narrow from the waist to the ankles. This cut is particularly tight in the ankles. Easy to wear, its particularity is perfectly marrying the silhouette.

● How to wear slim jeans

If you particularly like sport style, Slim Jean is for you. Right sneakers are the ones that would suit this style most. You can adopt it with a long printed sweatshirt, a jacket, etc. If it is not always easy to wear jeans slims for women with some complexes on their bodies, it is possible to tame it to suit each need. For example, these can opt for black jeans slims. The fine sizes will have to favor slim with low waist. On the other hand, those with a size to be refined should choose the high -waisted slims.

A Slim Jean has the reputation of agreeing to any style. From the rock look to the most chic, it is possible to deploy it as needed. Leather jacket, trench coat, sneakers, heel shoes, nails or other boots, everything can go with a slim. In addition, for colors, besides Blue usual turquoise and the Black, it is possible to have it in coral, pink, Green, etc.

Jean right, the cup that goes to all women

Much more than a simple pants, jeans can be worn by almost all occasions. Among the jeans cuts that it is possible to take advantage of it, we find the right jeans. A basic cut, but which always pleases as much.

straight cut

● Details of the cup of straight jeans

Law jeans is classic jeans that lasts over time. Both sober and offering a casual look, it is not so surprising that it is always so popular. Simple cut, but imposing a certain elegance, its advantage is that it can be worn on all kinds of opportunities, provided you know how to accessorize it. Its cut remains straight from size to ankles.

● What a look for jeans in a straight cut

In winter and in summer, straight jeans can completely blend into any look. In winter for example, you can wear it with sweater, heel shoes and a coat. A shirt and sneakers can also do the trick when the weather is nice. With its classic style, it can bend to all styles. In addition, no particular silhouette to recommend. It is suitable for all women, whether large, fine, round or small.

If you like to wear boots, no problem with straight jeans. Sneakers, heel shoes, derbies and pumps are not to be outdone. You can wear them all with this type of jeans which is also available in different models (hole, denim jeans, etc.). In addition chic, you can put a shirt and a blazer. To accentuate the particularity of your outfit a little, you can roll up it at the ankles.

Jean Mom, the must-have of fashionistas

Among the most popular outfits of fashionistas, this jeans remains ideal for a vintage look. Although it can sometimes be difficult to wear, especially with its high waist, once you understand the tip to wear it, it quickly becomes the it-piece of our cupboards. What outfit to wear with?

● The Jean Mom Cup

Very popular since 2019, although it recalls above all a dress style from the 80s and 90s, Jean Mom favors high waist. Its cut is particularly simplistic. No distinct lines in particular apart from the high waist. In terms of hips, it is a bit wide, but highlights the size. It is appreciated in particular by the comfort it can provide.

● The style to adopt with Mom jeans

You have to adopt the Mom jeans if you are looking for a particularly casual and cool look, without omitting elegance. This jeans are perfect for those with a slender silhouette. That said, it can also be suitable for those with small sizes. As for the top and shoes to wear with this Mom jeans, you will be spoiled for choice. Everything goes: t-shirt, crop top, XXL tailor jacket, sneakers, a large sweater, a coat, a pair of boots, heel shoes, etc.

Jean Boyfriend, a loose cut for a slightly retro style

Like a Mom jeans, a boyfriend jeans appears everywhere and remains ultra-tenant. This jeans are particularly popular with luscious women, this can be explained by its loose cut and its easily identifiable boyish style. For a touch of femininity, this type of jeans highlights the size. Head on the details of this cut.

Jean Boyfriend

● How to recognize the Jean Boyfriend Cup

This boyfriend jeans are also called by Boyfit. For his record, this is jeans that we usually sting in our guy. Hence his name Jean Boyfriend. In this way, its cut is therefore ample and in low waist.

● Jean Boyfriend: the style to adopt with

If a man can easily wear a boyfriend jeans with a shirt and any pair of shoes, this is not the case for the ladies. For the feminine touch, you can wear this jeans with heel shoes. However, for a relaxed female look, you can simply wear sneakers. Jean Boyfriend is perfect for an urban look. In particular, it can be associated with an open shirt.

Jean Slouchy, an air of more flexible and tightened boyfriend at the ankles

New style much appreciated, the Soulchy Jean wants to be casual and relaxed. He was drawn from clothing styles from the 80s and it is also called the Balloon jeans. It has the merit of being comfortable and a rounded shape. For the wearing of Soulchy jeans, it is better to take into account the up and down set. It is necessary to ensure a certain balance due to the already large style that this jeans imposes.

Jean Slouchy

● The particularity of the cutting of a slushy jeans

From his translation from the English Slushy, a Soulchy Jean means soft and without any particular structure. It’s completely the style of the Slouchy jeans. It does not have a rigid cut and does not have a specific adjustment. To give you a more precise idea, this jeans are rather relaxed, of a round and wide shape in the thighs and buttocks. High waifting, its cut is tightening once you arrive at the ankles.

● How to wear Jean Slouchy

The Soulchy jeans displays a somewhat retro look. It is possible to wear it with denim liquettes or jackets. In order to avoid a Too Much look, however, make sure that they are not too wide. Most women can wear Soulchy jeans. If it is women with rounder thighs who particularly appreciate them, it is not uncommon to see it worn in the most small for its resolutely cool and trendy look. You can put it on with a tight high, a fine shirt or a body near the body. Anything that allows you to refine your wide style a little is allowed.


Jean Flare and Bootcut, the big return of "Drôles de Dames'

At Toxik3, there is not really a difference between flare jeans and bootcut jeans. They respond to a specific flared cut which is currently very trendy. This craze for Flare and Bootcut jeans especially started from the 2000s, and is not ready to be forgotten. Ready to become the next Charlie's Angels?

Jean Flare

● The Cup of Jean Flare and Bootcut

The flare and bootcut jeans have a slightly flared cut that essentially starts from the knees. They are particularly adjusted at the waist to the bottom of the thighs. We can notify that its cut remains more or less retro. However, accessorized with modern ups and shoes, they can provide a completely original and contemporary look.

● Tips for carrying flare and bootcut jeans

Flare and Bootcut jeans have an ideal flattering cut to emphasize the buttocks. They allow you to extend the legs a little and at the same time the silhouette. However, these jeans can adapt to all morphologies. They can be worn with sneakers and a relaxed top (body, t-shirt, etc.). As these pants are fairly wide, they make it possible to wear boots. However, nothing prevents you from carrying heels with these jeans.

Wide Leg, flared jeans for a chic and a little retro style

Particularly wide, the Wide Leg is reminiscent of a way of dressing from the 1990s and 2000s. It generally hides shoes, although women enjoy wearing heels with.

Wide Leg Toxik3

● Know how to determine the cup of Jean Wide Leg

Wide Leg jeans have a high -waisted cutting cut. It is most often made with extensible denim. One of its largest features is that it inspires a relaxed look. This is not to say that it cannot be worn for a more trendy and chic dress style.

● The choice of WIDE LEG jeans

As with all casual styles, a very simple t-shirt can do the trick with a Wide Leg. It can be worn with a blazer or a trench. It's up to you to see according to your desires. However, heel shoes are recommended. They can impose style while evoking a part of mystery since a large part will be hidden under the pants. However, sneakers are also advised. For a more ceremonial and chic look, you can wear a wide leg with a silk shirt, cashmere sweaters, etc. The jewelry is not to be minimized.

Joggjeans, an amazing combination of timeless style and comfort

If jeans appeals to so much, it is not without reason. It is available in several styles and cuts. Joggjeans is one of those cuts that can be appreciated. What makes its particularity and how to wear it?

● Joggjeans, the perfect mix between comfort and style

Joggjeans is a wide cut that takes jogging style. Its greatest asset is therefore in comfort. It is recognized in particular by the presence of a tightening cord or the maintenance elastic bands. Beyond its cut, it is above all the material used for its making which is very innovative. It is very flexible and soft. It is particularly impressive to know that it is jeans with jogging comfort.

● Total look jogging-jeans: our advice

To bring out your look with your joggjeans, the best is to choose to wear it for relaxation opportunities. Rather responding to an Urban Wear style, this jeans are on the hips. Its length should fall just at the sneakers. For this relaxed and relaxed style, you can completely opt for sneakers. The ideal would be to play a little on the colors to bring a particular touch and which stands out. As for the top to wear with joggjeans, a t-shirt will do the trick. It will mainly bring out a vintage style and streetwear.


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