Porter le jean taille haute : idées et conseils

Porter the high -waisted jeans: ideas and advice

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Wearing high -waisted jeans: ideas and advice?
Refined the size, elongate legs and sheath The belly: Did you find it? Yes, it's high -waisted jeans!
Good news, in addition to being cannon, our TEXIK3 high -waisted jeans are ultra comfortable!


Who is the high -waisted jeans for?

ABSOLUTELY everyone ! To all those who do not like to feel a bar on their stomach and to all fashionistas!

Thin, round, small, large: it is the perfect jeans to highlight the strong points specific to each morphology.

Do you feel little?

Favor the straight cups or slim and set off your silhouette by winning a few more centimeters thanks to a pair of high heels. Guaranteed success!

Are you tall?

To you the Flare or Patte-d'Eph Cups, which sublimate the long legs. Ready to parade!

What to wear it with?

For a cool look at the office, combine your high -waisted jeans with a cheminer or a broken white sweater. Add on a leather jacket and the day can start in style!

A shopping trip?

To shop, your outfit must be practical. What could be better than a basic top, a cardigan, a basketball pair or your favorite boots? Ample and relaxed look guaranteed!

Dinner between lovers?

Do you want to be the prettiest of the restaurant while keeping comfort? Unbutting your jeans in the middle of a meal is not always glam! So think of our high -waisted jeans! Combine with a little chic blouse, high heels, you will be at the top!

We are really a fan of high-waisted jeans because beyond creating a pretty silhouette is the perfect ally of comfort. Exit the air currents, perfect winter, ideal in spring with a crop top. There are so many cuts and colors that each of us will find our ideal pants!

Do you still doubt the glamorous power of high -waisted jeans? Quickly get one and show your beautiful body!


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