3 ideas for wearing flare on flower jeans ✨

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Star of the 70s, Jean Flare has rebuilt its place in our dressing room and is more trendy than ever.

The advantages of this jeans? We can wear it In winter and summer, with all kinds of shoes and His fit adds elegance who does not equal any other pants.

So here are some ideas to wear, associate with flare jeans.

With heels for a sophisticated look:

Want to have a Look worked without making the slightest effort? It's simple: take your favorite flare jeans, match it with a pair of heels (boots or pumps ...) and voila and played.
In addition to the "Gazelle legs" effect, this combo will make you a Hyper feminine and elegant silhouette.

How to wear flare jeans

Make a shirt for a classy look:

It's Sunday evening ... You are wondering what you are going to wear tomorrow at the office.

We understand you: you absolutely want to wear your Jean Flare Favorite, your colleagues often compliment you on it ... So we have the ideal outfit for you: your flare jeans, A blouse, and a small pair of boots. Don't thank us! ;)

With a sweater or sweatshirt for a 100% comfort look:

Who says Jean Flare says comfort... so you might as well push the mind to the end by taking out your very soft sweater or your favorite sweatshirt to break up From this elegant pants.

Here are all our outfit ideas with flare jeans, also says bootcut Where flared. Of course, the best advice you have to give you is just you Have fun with your Ootd!

Our inspirations come above all You, the #Toxikgang! 😉 

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