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Denim from all its seams: shirts, skirts, combinations, jackets ... are to be discovered here. But also our other equally refined and soft materials.


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Denim long trench - polyDenim long trench - poly
Denim long trench - poly
Sale price99,00€
Sale price49,90€
Skirt Extra -Long Rear slot - ArianeSkirt Extra -Long Rear slot - Ariane
Skirt Extra -Long Rear slot - Ariane
Sale price49,90€
Hot-to-Hooded Blouson-BuddyHot-to-Hooded Blouson-Buddy
Hot-to-Hooded Blouson-Buddy
Sale price89,90€
Long skirt Jean - SamantaLong skirt Jean - Samanta
Long skirt Jean - Samanta
Sale price49,90€
Bi -Matière Tweed hot jacket - UrbanBi -Matière Tweed hot jacket - Urban
Bi -Matière Tweed hot jacket - Urban
Sale price79,90€
Leather imitation trench Black - mysticalLeather imitation trench Black - mystical
Mid -length imitation skirt - ZuriMid -length imitation skirt - Zuri
Mid -length imitation skirt - Zuri
Sale price44,90€
Long flying skirt-MadoneLong flying skirt-Madone
Long flying skirt-Madone
Sale price54,90€
Strass shirt - KomiStrass shirt - Komi
Strass shirt - Komi
Sale price59,90€
Jeans - smithJeans - smith
Jeans - smith
Sale price99,00€
Jean flying skirt - EvelynJean flying skirt - Evelyn
Jean flying skirt - Evelyn
Sale price49,90€
Sequined tweed jacket - Emily in parisSequined tweed jacket - Emily in paris
Sequined tweed jacket - Emily in paris
Sale price69,90€
Skirt tweed to sequins-Emily in parisSkirt tweed to sequins-Emily in paris
Skirt tweed to sequins-Emily in paris
Sale price59,90€
Denim Detail Stick Shirt - NinonDenim Detail Stick Shirt - Ninon
Denim Detail Stick Shirt - Ninon
Sale price54,90€
Jean split - Naty skirtJean split - Naty skirt
Jean split - Naty skirt
Sale price54,90€
Jean Retro jacket - MadieJean Retro jacket - Madie
Jean Retro jacket - Madie
Sale price59,90€
Max jeans-Pure jeansMax jeans-Pure jeans
Max jeans-Pure jeans
Sale price49,90€
Braid detail jacket - TitoBraid detail jacket - Tito
Braid detail jacket - Tito
Sale price69,90€
Crossed blazer jacket similar - gabyCrossed blazer jacket similar - gaby
Crossed blazer jacket similar - gaby
Sale price74,90€
Short jeans jacket - SistaShort jeans jacket - Sista
Short jeans jacket - Sista
Sale price69,90€
Swedish fringe skirt -MokaSwedish fringe skirt -Moka
Swedish fringe skirt -Moka
Sale price54,90€
Extra -long lunge -Long skirt - DoveExtra -long lunge -Long skirt - Dove
Extra -long lunge -Long skirt - Dove
Sale price49,90€
Hooded hooded jacket - LanyHooded hooded jacket - Lany
Hooded hooded jacket - Lany
Sale price79,90€
Holded sleeveless jacket - BikyHolded sleeveless jacket - Biky
Holded sleeveless jacket - Biky
Sale price69,90€
Bi -material jacket - CocoBi -material jacket - Coco
Bi -material jacket - Coco
Sale price69,90€
Jean Brute - Elyon jacketJean Brute - Elyon jacket
Jean Brute - Elyon jacket
Sale price54,90€
Hot jacket Large pocket - EverHot jacket Large pocket - Ever
Hot jacket Large pocket - Ever
Sale price79,90€
Jean Detail Lacet's jacket - JulissaJean Detail Lacet's jacket - Julissa
Jean Detail Lacet's jacket - Julissa
Sale price54,90€
Jupe à plis - tennisJupe à plis - tennis
Jupe à plis - tennis
Sale price39,90€
Vest biker crop similarity - BadyVest biker crop similarity - Bady
Vest biker crop similarity - Bady
Sale price74,90€
Black imitation surchemise - BlackBlack imitation surchemise - Black
Black imitation surchemise - Black
Sale price59,90€
Denim jacket - KarlyDenim jacket - Karly
Denim jacket - Karly
Sale price59,90€
Blouson Black Oversize-EdyBlouson Black Oversize-Edy
Blouson Black Oversize-Edy
Sale price59,90€
Long hippie vest open to fringe - sosoLong hippie vest open to fringe - soso
Leather imitation leather - goal biket jacketLeather imitation leather - goal biket jacket

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