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Because women's comfort is our priority. The toxik3 jeans pay particular attention to respect for fit, the soft and pleasant material to wear for absolute comfort of the woman throughout her day.


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Waxed Jeans - Golden BoyWaxed Jeans - Golden Boy
Waxed Jeans - Golden Boy
Sale price69,90€
High-waisted skinny jeans - MercureHigh-waisted skinny jeans - Mercure
High-waisted skinny jeans - Mercure
Sale price49,90€
Jean Law - BertilleJean Law - Bertille
Jean Law - Bertille
Sale price49,90€
Jogg Jean Push - MinyJogg Jean Push - Miny
Jogg Jean Push - Miny
Sale price49,90€
Jean Charge Detail-PalleJean Charge Detail-Palle
Jean Charge Detail-Palle
Sale price59,90€
Jean Flare OmiJean Flare Omi
Jean Flare Omi
Sale price49,90€
Jean-Dara pantsJean-Dara pants
Jean-Dara pants
Sale price49,90€
Pinched jeans - MirtillePinched jeans - Mirtille
Pinched jeans - Mirtille
Sale price54,90€
Jean Jogg Color Push -Up - TatyJean Jogg Color Push -Up - Taty
Jean Jogg Color Push -Up - Taty
Sale price49,90€
Jean Jogg Color Push -Up - TallyJean Jogg Color Push -Up - Tally
Jean Jogg Color Push -Up - Tally
Sale price49,90€
Mom jeans with button detail - SofieMom jeans with button detail - Sofie
Mom jeans with button detail - Sofie
Sale price49,90€
Boy's hem jeans - TurnerBoy's hem jeans - Turner
Boy's hem jeans - Turner
Sale price49,90€
Wrinkle effect jeans - JordanWrinkle effect jeans - Jordan
Wrinkle effect jeans - Jordan
Sale price49,90€
Jean Wild Leg - TommyJean Wild Leg - Tommy
Jean Wild Leg - Tommy
Sale price54,90€
Jean path d'eph - MelodyJean path d'eph - Melody
Jean path d'eph - Melody
Sale price59,90€
Jean Detail Cloud - MonikaJean Detail Cloud - Monika
Jean Detail Cloud - Monika
Sale price49,90€
Bootcut jeans - ShanirBootcut jeans - Shanir
Bootcut jeans - Shanir
Sale price54,90€
Jean Slim Push Details Clous- GuyanaJean Slim Push Details Clous- Guyana
Jean Slim Push Details Clous- Guyana
Sale price49,90€
John Blue To cutout-MoodJohn Blue To cutout-Mood
John Blue To cutout-Mood
Sale price54,90€
Jean Fleetonné-DailyJean Fleetonné-Daily
Jean Fleetonné-Daily
Sale price49,90€
High waisted jeans - MissesHigh waisted jeans - Misses
High waisted jeans - Misses
Sale price49,90€
Slim jeans without hem - FanSlim jeans without hem - Fan
Slim jeans without hem - Fan
Sale price49,90€
John Black Unwashed-OvaJohn Black Unwashed-Ova
John Black Unwashed-Ova
Sale price49,90€
Raw jeans - DanRaw jeans - Dan
Raw jeans - Dan
Sale price54,90€
Jean Evasé-PixelJean Evasé-Pixel
Jean Evasé-Pixel
Sale price54,90€
Jeans detail pocket leopard - felineJeans detail pocket leopard - feline
Jeans detail pocket leopard - feline
Sale price54,90€
Jean Rayé Strass before - TracyJean Rayé Strass before - Tracy
Jean Rayé Strass before - Tracy
Sale price54,90€
Jean Detail Strass split - MatisJean Detail Strass split - Matis
Jean Detail Strass split - Matis
Sale price59,90€
Flavified jeans detail rhinestones on the side - brokenFlavified jeans detail rhinestones on the side - broken
Elephant jeans - YaelElephant jeans - Yael
Elephant jeans - Yael
Sale price54,90€
Jean detail jewelry - JulyJean detail jewelry - July
Jean detail jewelry - July
Sale price59,90€
Jeans detail knee pocket - jokeJeans detail knee pocket - joke
Jeans detail knee pocket - joke
Sale price59,90€
Jean Maxi Ourlet - HelenaJean Maxi Ourlet - Helena
Jean Maxi Ourlet - Helena
Sale price49,90€
Skinny - Maden Low Size JeanSkinny - Maden Low Size Jean
Skinny - Maden Low Size Jean
Sale price49,90€
Jean Stretch Detail Empiatement - AyahJean Stretch Detail Empiatement - Ayah
Jean Stretch Detail Empiatement - Ayah
Sale price49,90€
Jean balloon - PopelineJean balloon - Popeline
Jean balloon - Popeline
Sale price54,90€

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