Les Bienfaits des Imprimés sur notre quotidien

The benefits of printed matter on our daily life

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It is well known that colors have an impact on morale. It's a bit like the principle of feng shui on our state of mind. Yes, we don't always know that, yet some things have a real impact on our mood.r. Colors can be used in some cases to express emotion ora feeling. Printed matter can unknowingly impact our life, our perception and everyday life.

It is by drawing inspiration from the benevolent nature that wes create our soft-print pants,s patterned models,comforting prints and colors. Some have carefully chosen flower patterns, others are inspired by the soft fur of animals, and some may be reminiscent of the warmth of the islands. Wearing patterns and colors on you that plunges you into a pleasant universe can change your daily life, positively affect your thinking, your day and your well-being. Discover our collection and how to wear our soft print pants..

But before that, a little zoom on the meaning of colors.

Prints and colors in the spotlight 

Each color and each print has a specific meaning.

●       The Red :

It's passion, beauty, action, courage, energygie…


Red is the ideal color to attract attention. It gives off a unique effect, dynamism and warmth. He is admittedly a bit of an extrovert, but he always has the gift of intriguing and attracting attention. Sometimes it even acts as a balm to the heart. It brings glow, elegance and joy. Obviously, we associate it with pleasure and love.our.

●       The pink :

Pink exudes femininity, softness and tenderness.


It is often found on women's business, but also in schools, children's stores, even in some medical establishments for the purpose of appeasement. Even though it is considered a light color, it is classified as a warm color. It means what softens the gaze, what calm and what soothes. It even calms states of anxiety and stress. What red can't do since it's more exciting as a color.oris. 

●       Yellow :

If you love life, yellow is the color for you..


It reflects good energy and brings good vibrations. He would even drive out far-fetched ideas, limit evil spirits. Perhaps this is why Buddhist monks wear yellow all the time. It also warms and reassures. Yellow is therefore ideal for communication, for calming conflicts or for concentrating..

●       Lorange::

Wearing an orange color means giving way to creativity and joy..


It is noticed in spas or hotels because it helps fight depression and brings well-being. Stock people use it to motivate people. Likewise, it would act positively on self-esteem and when we need to free ourselves.érer.

●       The green :

Green marks hope, patience and confidence..


It also reflects luck or even peace. Generally, we associate it with nature since nature is green. In this case, we talk about peace and relaxation, relaxation and well-being when we talk about green. Also, it is currently the symbol of ecology, environment, human, generosity or sensitivity.ilité.

●       Blue :

Like pink, blue produces good vibrations on the mind.


It is the favorite color of inventors. It is often found in the hospital and medical environment as well as in schools. Its relaxing power is very powerful. It produces relaxation, peace and also well-being. It still acts on the body and not just on the mind. Many people have made blue their favorite color. Normal, since he is beautiful, simple and touching.t.

●       Purple:

Purple calls for calm, relaxation, sensitivity and emotion..


It offers a moment of calm and peace. When mixed with certain colors, it is also soothing. In most cases, we put it in the introspection box. Indeed, it balances thoughts, mind and creativity, or even spirituality.té.


Soft print pants to escapeer

Much like printed dresses, shirts or skirts, printed pants impact morale. These soft print pants as we call them wear all the colors of summer for your viewing pleasure. But ultimately, it's not just the eyes, our well-being depends on it. It is as if the softness of pink or the passion of red invaded us.t.  

soft print

We love the colors. We love fashion. We also love the prints. Thus, we have designed modern and chic pants, all printed and colorful. The goal is to bring the character of an animal motif or the softness of a floral print to a classic outfit. In addition, our models are beautiful, attractive and trendy.es.

So for you, a white background decorated with pretty prints, softening and comforting tones. The colors of nature and its components complete the design with ease. You can wear these pants day or night. They also go well with all clothing styles. So, whether you are chic, classy, simple, feminine or trendy, they will sublimate you. Fashionistas will certainly be delighted..

Flower prints for its feminine side

Reveal your femininity with floral prints, that's the challenge of our collection of soft print pants. It brings together both pastel colors and floral patterns, in a unique blend of softness. Thus, you have pants close to the body, cut perfectly to bring out your beautiful figure. If you have generous shapes, the result will be better..


Know that these floral prints have been planned for the whole year. So, in summer as in winter, you can wear them. The call to nature and the soothing side are still guaranteed. And what a real emotion when you look at yourself in a mirror! And you will not do without them since our floral pants exude lightness in addition to beauty.é.

The colors and patterns of the islands guaranteed escapee

If you like traveling to the end of the world, our collection of soft print island pants will please you. Between the yellow of Dominica, the green of nature or the blue of the sea, you will feel refreshed just seeing them. And when you wear them, you will be comfortable since the fabric is soft and the color comforting. In addition, they are fashionable our little pants What to feel in all day long.ournée.

soft print

Some of our models still wear the famous white background. They are decorated with flowers or printed, so beautiful colors, to delight the eyes. You can put them on when you are on the white sand beaches of Tahiti or Madagascar. They're also perfect for an afternoon at the beach or for girls' nights out on Sundays. Otherwise, feel free to wear them for your dates. Surprise and sweetness guaranteed! !

A wild stay with animal jungle motifs

If you like wilder looks and animal patterns, know that our soft print pants line also contains them. This type of color awakens femininity and brings a very pronounced wild side. Thus, we took care to put animal prints on pants with a white background. Enough to wake up the feline, the tigress or the lioness, which lies dormant in you! !

soft print jungle

You can wear them in the office or by the sea, during the summer period or the winter season. Precisely, that's what pleases with this kind of pattern. They can get everywhere and mix with everything. They also bring a note of originality and authenticity. In addition, you can put white, red, green or even blue depending on the type of print. You can wear a shirt, top, T-shirt or jacket. You can still wear derbies, heels, ballet flats and even sandals.les.

Geometric shapes for more modernity

If floral and animal patterns aren't your cup of tea, we still have geometric patterns in our collection. This time, the soft print pants are adorned with elegance with zebra, stripes or streaks, still on a white background of course. They are perfect clothes for trendy, cozy, androgynous, vintage or casual looks. Every time, you will take a trip back in time, either in the past or in the future.r.

soft print geometrique

Thus, neither bags nor accessories are no longer the only ones to adopt geometric shapes, clothes do too. But this is good news after all since the rendering is just magnificent. In addition, you can try boyish looks with boots with pants type. Sneakers can bring out your slightly masculine style. And sandals are your casual side. In short, there are many options with soft geometric print pants.e.

What to wear with soft print pants?

To go with soft print pants, choose a light all-white top, for example. Especially wear short sleeves or sleeveless. With a tight crop or close to the body, your outfit will be impeccable. To bring out your dress style, consider transparent high heels, it is trending right now. You can still wear sandals, but only classy and chic models. Sneakers, boots and ankle boots can also do the trick. So there are the accessories.. 

If you like the little details that refine an outfit, opt for light sets. Bangles and bangles are recommended. They are simple, but really classy. They are also modern, refined and always refined. The gold color goes even more with the floral motifs. Costume jewelry and watches are still a good idea if they are white, simple, but elegant.s.

Did you know Chromotherapy to heal yourself? 

Chromotherapy refers to care through colors. It is part of alternative medicine and is even used in the field for certain diseases. LOMS even recognizes it as a medicinal practice in alternative medicine. Blue light, for example, helps treat jaundice or jaundice in newborns..

The use of chromotherapy differs depending on the case. It is often found in the field of well-being or beauty. It is also used clinically to treat depressive states or insomnia. Anxiety and stress can also be treated with color, especially in a light bath. We can thus mix several shades to multiply the positive effects on the body. This allows better results to be obtained faster.ement.

So our pants follow this logic and this need. They bring all the benefits of each color that compose them.


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