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Jean is the essential piece of wardrobe, which will always remain fashionable. Since the 1800s, he has not taken a fold and has made his place in the cabinets of men and women.

He follows trends,Allows all styles, and is on all occasions.
But do you have these essentials? These pieces that will last almost a lifetime?

Classic and timeless, Toxik3 has selected these essential parts to your dressing room:


  • The denim jacket:

Perfect for the mid-season, the denim jacket has been revisited in all forms for years. Colors, cuts, details are multiple on this Timeless piece.

To be granted as well above your sweater for fresh temperatures and on your tank tops in summer, It will follow you throughout the seasons for life !

With trends, you can easily oversize your jacket to give you a loose effect, for maximum style and comfort.

  • Slim jeans:

The timeless slim cut has the advantage of being one of the jeans most comfortable, when it comes to toxik3 jeans.
On the edge of the second skin but thick enough for you to feel dressed, the Slim jeans will accompany you to All opportunities depending on your assortment : heels, sneakers, ankle boots ... The style can change at all with this room!
  • Push-up jeans:

To stay in the continuity of Denim stockings, opt for push-up jeans, ideal for Underline your beautiful silhouette and enhance your beautiful shapes.

The push-up will come to put in value your buttocks with its technology adapted to all morphologies, enough to have hips and Irresistible legs!


  • Denim shorts:

The take -out room in its on vacation suitcase is indeed the jeans shorts. Comfortable and stylish, It is the inevitable of your dressing room in case of hot weather.

More or less long, more or less high waist: it's up to you to choose your summer classic.


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