Jogg jeans - the must of comfort

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Where temperatures cool down, we need to feel warm more and more but above all comfortable In our clothes!

This is worth daily: at home to be able to drag on the sofa, at the office so as not to be embarrassed by an unpleasant outfit, or even to be able to stroll through town all day ...

Toxik3 has of course thought of your comfort, we explain all the technology of Jean Jogg, Featured comfort of comfort at Toxik3!



As its name suggests, Jean Jogg takes the form of a hybrid between jogging and jeans. A perfect compromise between Comfort and style. Its material, mainly in cotton, comes to bring the sweetness of jeans and the comfort of the movement will be added by elastane.

Pleasant and light, it differs from jeans and jogging without detaching from the appearance of the jeans. You also remain stylish in a comfort of madness!

It thus allows a clothing point of view to adapt to any morphology. Which is also one of the reasons for its success.

Wear it with sneakers, heels, ankle boots, pumps ... everything will go!

Here are some look ideas to operate with your next Jogg Jean:

So, do we adopt this Jogg Jean?

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