Win your Rivet coin and save 10 €

Two ways to save and have more fun!

Sponsorship: earn 10 euros * by sponsoring your loved ones.

  • How it works ?

1. Sign up for the sponsorship and loyalty program for free

Complete your information to activate your account. Rest assured it will only take you a few minutes. Then sponsor your loved ones via your personalized link.

2. Your loved one places an order

He receives an invitation to discover Toxik3. During his 1st order, he must fill in the purchase voucher worth 5 euros that he will have received thanks to you.

3. Receive 10 euros in voucher

* You in turn receive a voucher of 10 euros by email to be used on your next order from 90 euros of purchase.


Win your rivet coin: 10 euros discount now!

  • What is a wedge rivet?

The coin rivet is part of the Toxik3 loyalty program, allowing you to accumulate "coin rivet" rewards and thus manage to win 10 euros reduction on your shopping cart from 1,000 coin rivet!

  • What to do to earn wedge rivets?

1. Win automatically 500 coin rivet 

We are already offering you 500 coin rivets as soon as you register for the program. A way of welcoming you to Toxik3

2. Earn your other 500 coin rivet

Follow us on instagram @ toxik3denim. Be part of the Toxik3 community and feel free to share your experience, tell us what you like or would like to see more in our models.

********Well done ! At this point you have your 1,000 corner rivets. Exchange them for a discount of 10 euros on your order. *******

3. Place an order

Earn 5 Rivet coin for every € 1 spent. 

Our raw short-sleeved jumpsuit at 79.90 euros is your favorite? Its acquisition alone already gives you 395 rivet coint!